With Zak, internet and tourism go hand in hand!

Hotel Management System Zak connected with the Online Reception and Channel Manager

Save Time

The internet and the world of tourism are growing at a rapid pace, which is why it is essential to receive and manage reservations in the most synchronized way possible. OTAs, your website and your PMS must integrate seamlessly so you can invest your time on other important tasks.


Your PMS, connected to our other tools, can import all online bookings (OTA's, booking engine) and sync the prices and availability automatically within minutes.

Online Reception

Zak is natively connected to WuBook, a booking engine that allows you to receive and manage reservations coming through your own website. WuBook is fast, intuitive and very efficient with probably the best conversion percentage in the market.

Channel Manager

The OTAs, besides being a major source of visibility, are important sales channels. With Woodoo you can connect and manage them simultaneously; saving time, increasing online sales and limiting any risk of overbooking

When you integrate Woodoo with Zak you can directly monitor all your reservations from a single interface in the planner.

Rate Checker

Before deciding your pricing strategy you can make a comparison between the prices and availability of your competitors. The WuBook Rate Checker is simple and intuitive, has many functions and is configured with just a few clicks. You can receive automatic notifications of the price changes and availability of your competitors and have a historical archive with your market trends.

WuBooK Fount

There are many review sites, such as Trip Advisor, where customers go to select the most interesting accommodation. Some of these have started to allow customers to see your availability and prices by connecting the WuBook Booking Engine to their websites. With Fount you can now do it yourself.

Google Fount TripAdvisor Trivago