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More Widgets to the likes of everyone!

  Dear All! Due to high demand thanks to your contacts and suggestions both on the forum and email/phone our developers have implemented some new features for the booking engine. The objective of these, as ever, is that of increasing the convertion rate and so we have analized trends that convert up to a 12%...


Zak: Check-In Process

Zak: Check-In Process :

  • We are happy to present the new check-in process available in ZAK where you will be able to input and update all clients details and print their registration card


New PlugIn for the Colombian Foreign Visitors Report

New PlugIn for the Colombian :

  • We have just developed a new plugin that allows Colombian properties to generate and upload into the SIRE portal the daily Foreign Visitors Report required by the governamental institutions


The invoicing features have been updated

The invoicing features :

  • Now you can send invoices in PDF format as well as on the traditional HTML format.


New plugins: Istat!

City tax :

  • We published a brand new plugin that allows you to manage Istat for Italian Regions and Provinces.
  • Various improvements to client user interface
  • News are now integrated with WuBook
  • Various bugfixes