Here you can find Zak news in chronological order, going back to its very creation

News Hotel Management System Zak


Little bugfix

The dashboard was displaying in rare cases wrong departure customers


Reservations: online confirmation

When one of your customers will confirm his reservation online (by paying an amount with paypal or providing his credit card, Zak sends a message to you and to the customer. Moreover, during the link generation (the page where your customer will land to confir his reservation), you can specify the customer address where you want to deliver the confirmation message


Improvements wave

We released improvements and bugfixes. In order: the planning filter is currently persistent. Once selected, it persists also when you change the planning date. The reservation details page is now displaying in a fast way the reservation total amount. A lot of translations have been fixed. Changing the occupancy of one room is now impacting on the reservation too. Rooms are ordered by code inside the reservation details (when you want to add a new room for a reservation). When you copy an occupancy, the customer is not automatically assigned to the new occupancy.


Bugfix: resize

Resize was not working for contigous reservations! Fixed!


Bugfix: availability

A minor problem has been fixed: some rooms were considered available altough the first day was already assigned to another reservation