Here you can find Zak news in chronological order, going back to its very creation

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Zak: stable version!

We're happy to announce that Zak is now exiting from the Beta phase because it must be considered stable. The beta phase begun on April 2011 and the stable version arrived after ~7000 reservations, ~1800 rooms and ~10.000 updates versus the channel manager! Welcome to the stable version of Zak!


Improvement: existing customers

Add an already-present-in-archive customer to your reservation is more easy: zak will detect better your input and will search on your customer archive in a more powerfull way (lower/upper cases)!



We're happy to announce a new critical feature for Zak: dynamic addons! You will be able to assign to each reservations, on demand and without pre-defining them, costs and additional services!!!! This is important twice, considering the fact that online reservations are not imported completely, addons included! We signal also a bugfix for the stats builder. Enjoy!



Customer details can be modified correctly (there was a bug -origin: fetching customer info from online reservation- and previously inserted data were not presented on the customer window). The reservation resize window wasn't working properly when a the departure date or the arrival date were outside the planning



Other important improvements for the young Zak! Pending reservations are now displayed with the departure date, allowing the allocation of your rooms in a more comfortable way. We improved also multiple descriptions and translations. The resize of your reservations is now working for multiple rooms reservations too!!! Enjoy