Here you can find Zak news in chronological order, going back to its very creation

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Arrival hour for online reservation is now correctly imported. An important bug causing wrong availability updates has been fixed too


Modifying occupancy

It's actually possible to modify with a per-occupancy detail the number of adults and children of your rooms! This is a really important goal. This feature is essential to consider Zak a complete suite! The first stable release is really close!


New updates, once more!

We're beginning a new zak development season and we're starting it by making it more stable. The rooms displayed on the Golden Section are now oredered by their codes. The planning is richer: by clicking on the room code, the room category is displayed. You won't get bored again with alerts about availability for pending and heavy reservations. The resize-reservation dialog shows now the correct dates. The preview of each reservation contains the reservation id and its internet origin (if any). An important bug has been fixed: when an occupancy is moved on another room or on another date, some information are not lost. This was impacting the dashboard: some arrivals and some departures weren't displayed. The online quotes (to be accepted by your customer via paypal or credit card) include the arrival and the departure dates. Finally, enjoy!

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Availability update

An important bug has been corrected. The bug was impacting the synchronization of the availability between Zak and WuBook (online booking and channel manager suite). Some reservations weren't considered while computing the real availability of your rooms!


Pending reservations correction

Zak was signaling a false error when users associate rooms to a pending reservation from the dashboard. Fixed