Here you can find Zak news in chronological order, going back to its very creation

News Hotel Management System Zak


Stats corrections

The revenues were badly computed. For each reservation, only the daily average price was considered.


Super planning!

Good news: the planning is now really flexible! You can choose the number of days displayed and, moreover, you can set a comfortable zoom to adapt the planning to the right measure!!! Enjoy!


Multiple updates

A good number of additional corrections: the dialog window to resize reservations is now working continously (without the need to reload the page after the first usage). Stats are displayed in a prettier way. We also fixed the little popup showing the resume of the reservations, in the case more rooms are involved: their names are displayed better. On the dashboard, the departures are correctly loaded and on the last section (promises/internet) cancelled and old reservations are not displayed


Availability updates

Eya, some reservations weren't counted during the update of the availability from Zak to the WuBook system. We fixed the bug. But a new feature has been introduced also: it's now possible to specify an availability percentage, so that only a part of your rooms will be sold online!!!


Additional bugfixes

The stats section had some errors. In some circumstances, data weren't loaded correctly. We introduced also more controls during the rooms creation.