Here you can find Zak news in chronological order, going back to its very creation

News Hotel Management System Zak


Some improvements

Vouhcers :

  • It is now possible to make new vouchers templates from the Configuration - Vouchers section.
Invoices :
  • New option to hide Vat values from economic offers, in order to show a more readable document.


Price integration Zak/WuBook and various improvements

Pricing :

  • Pricing integration between Zak and WuBook is here!
  • It is now possible to inherit the prices from WuBook when creating a manual reservation.
  • You can use WuBook Best Prices as any other Pricing Plan for manual reservations, except you can't configure it direcly from Zak at the moment.
Downloadable Planning: :
  • new rooms total amount field
  • new extras total amount field
  • new add-ons total amount field
  • new discount total amount field
  • removed double entries of the room for multiple customers to make the final file more readable
  • fixed the single rooms amount in according with the discounts of the reservations
Extras :
  • fixed the behavior of the fast extras assignment
New planning :
  • is no longer possibile to move or copy reservations in closed date/rooms.

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News of the summer

System :

  • wrote from scratch a huge part of the code to guarantee speed and reliability during all the user experience
  • in case of server accident, the user will be redirected autmatically to a stable one, without login again and again
Bug Fixes :
  • WuBook reservations fetched with a board option = NO BOARD is now solved
  • reservations problems with deleted discounts and extras modifications after invoicing process are now solved

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Select Taxes for channel

Taxes :

  • There are agencies that offer prices including the VAT; and some other Agencies offer prices excluding the VAT. This update in fact allows you to increase your prices according to each Agency type so that it gets reflected correctly on your invoicing.


Rooms closures and cleanup of the archives!

Planning :

  • It's now possible to close the availability of a room directly from the planning.
Archive documents :
  • The archive page has been rewritten to be faster and cleaner
  • It's now possible to edit the issue's date also for the documents found as result of a search.
Search Bookings :
  • The date-range limit of the booking researches has been increased
  • The page has been rewritten to be faster and cleaner

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