Here you can find Zak news in chronological order, going back to its very creation

News Hotel Management System Zak


Zak: new statistic page preview..

New Statistic system preview:
Statistic section has been greatly improved and will now provide new and detailed analysis index
Coming soon features:

  • indexes legend
  • full multilanguage translations
  • more indexes for the statistic analysis
  • raw data dowload
  • report download


Zak: security and restructuring..


  • It is now possibile to set a 3 level login security:
    • No additional password: Front office function and reservation handling.
    • Backoffice password: Software configuration and access to administrative sections.
    • Security layer password: Credit card handling, bill cancellations and documents search history download.

Integration of WuBook reservation:
  • The check which assured WuBook and ZaK rooms to be mapped correctly, virtual ones included, has been strengthened
  • The fetching engine, to be able to upgrade at the same time as WuBook news, has been completely rewritten.
  • The new fecthing engine will allow a superior internal price handling and will make way for the new statistic and revenue sections we're currently working on, which will be the biggest part of the next update.
  • Fixed the bug which created rooms with price 0
  • Fixed bugs connected to reservations containing virtual rooms and their mothers.
  • Fixed the bug which created wrong sales percentage
  • Mandatory costs of direct WuBook reservations are now inherited as additional costs.
  • Added compatibility with WuBook sale type "custom amount".
  • Added costs import of WuBook boards
  • Room boards of a WuBook reservation are now integrated with a format compatible with ZaK Boards plugin

  • It's now possibile to choose which one to show first between client's name and last name
  • Added the option to limit room exchange to the occupancy with the same check-in day
  • Added room swap to the monitored actions

  • Added the option to create or not holes in the numeration when erasing a document.

Broom paper:
  • added the possibility to reset the cleaning status of a room

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug which prevented client's name, room name, room type and template vouchers modification when some language special character used
  • Fixed color legend bugs

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Zak: swap rooms and more..

Online Quotation:

  • fixed an issue that did not show correctly the enabled credit card
  • added in the Vouchers Configurations section some options to set eventual cancellation policy
  • added on the voucher the possibility to show the acceptance of the contracts before confirming the reservation
  • when your customer will verify the quotation, the reservation details will show an icon in the shape of a letter, close to the request of a quotation


  • added the option to choose to recalculate or not the default prices on the command of manual reservations
  • added the option to select which days are holidays in your country
  • added the command to swap rooms between two existing rooms with the same occupancy, particularly useful during busy periods , this option can make unuseful eventual other support rooms.


  • added the ability to choose which colors you prefer to enable in your property
  • added the gray color to the ones selectable

  • arrivals and departures now will show the required rooms
  • arrivals and departures will show first the unmanaged customers and then those registered

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Zak: news of late summer

Bug fixes:

  • some particular character on voucher and template names or description (specially Russian chars)
  • rare error on modification of reservation fetching
  • error on pricing assignment for YouBook reservations with custom price
  • bug on broom paper for high time zone offset properties


  • if a modification of reservation is fetched, eventual payments already registered in it, will be copied on the new one
  • when a reservation change room, pricing will be automatically calculated if needed (new option on details menu inside the planning icon)
  • tool to create a new reservation directly from the planning!!
  • new language for the extranet: German! Many thanks for a huge and great work to Jürgen


  • new field showed on Invoices documents: SubTotal and Tax
  • tool to allow new invoices to show eventual and previous manual payments
  • new option to make not taxable invoices (for not VAT companies)

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Zak: documents 2.0!

Welcome back!

After the New Planning (and few weeks with no communications) we are happy to release a lot news. The main one is regarding invoices and documents management. Here you are a list of new feature uploaded:

Management (general):
  • from now on, the password usually used to show the Credit Card details, will have new adquire new powers!!
  • Zak will let you know when you are browsing the software with the status "security layer ON" on the icons bar
Producing Document:
  • each document will show the total amount payed and the payment type
  • each document will build automatically a field on payment type in reservation details
  • we added document subtypes (Total Amount, Deposit, Balance)
  • It is now possible to produce more than one document for each reservation (under different profiles)
  • it is now possible to send documents by emal directly to your hosts
  • once you close the balance of a reservation, you won't be able to produce new documents anymore
  • reservations with active payments or docuemnts won't be eresable manually, while the rest of actions remains enabled
Document Management:
  • in document settings you will be able to insert the email address of you accountant
  • we added a static archive file with the list of produced invoices
  • we added a search section for all the produced documnts
  • we added a section to create a syntetic resume of all te produced documents day by day, to monitor easily and daily your incomes
Document Administration:
  • specifying and inserting the password of the security layer you will be able to delete produced documents by yourself
  • specifying and inserting the password of the security layer you will be able to download your research results in a CSV file
  • specifying and inserting the password of the security layer you will be able to send document copies to your accountant

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