Here you can find Zak news in chronological order, going back to its very creation

News Hotel Management System Zak


Zak News!

Zak updates!

  • Improved the summary page of invoices.
  • Added the ability to enter into the details of the reservation during the insertion phase.
  • During the room association of a pending reservation, the rooms of the same type of the request reservation will be highlighted by an asterisk and a green font.
  • Improved the page of 'Services' to avoid confusion during the renewal / purchase of services.
  • Others updates about 'Istat' and 'Alloggiati Web' italian reports.


Zak Clustered!

  • We are happy to announce the new version of ZaK, running on multiple servers to offer more speed and more reliability.


Some improvement!

  • A filter added in the section 'Search' to avoid searches too heavy and so to speed up the waiting time.
  • A limit added in the manual updates of the section 'Internet' to avoid the risk to cause difficulties to the server of some channels.
  • The amounts of VAT now will be rounded up to be more congruent with the current legislation (Thanks Antonio for your segnalation).
  • The plugins has been renamed in the 'Services' section that caused a bit of confusion at the time of renewal (Thanks Luca for your segnalation).
  • The planning will show a little blue circle for the checked-in reservations.
  • Added the section 'invoices'

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Planning fix

There was a little issue on the planning: reservations, once translated, were moving on the wrong date in march and october (daylight saving time issue)


Discounts and special offers

There is a new option: online reservations (with discounts or special offers) can be imported in two different ways: with a discount or with a price decrease. The con of discount is that it will be applied to additional services you will provide to your customer. The second option seems more precise