Top up your Zak with additional features and optional Plug-ins

Plugin Hotel Management System Zak

International Plug-Ins


Manage and add board charges separately from your accommodation fees in a simple and flexible way. This is especially useful if you offer different board options (breakfast, half board and full board) and want to offer different prices based on these.


Easily keep track of all your additional services (car transfers, newspapers, bike rental, laundry services, etc.) This Plug-in allows you to add extras into an account and specify if the charge should be calculated per person, per reservation or per room.

Broom Paper

Helps you manage the freshening up and cleaning of rooms. Based on your reservations, this tool sends you alerts for rooms that require cleaning and suggests the best cleaning sequence so you can generate a printable list for your staff.

City Tax

This plugin allows you to manage, supervise and personalize the city tax.It can be configured in a quick and flexible way and it's meant to adaptto every model of city tax, from the most basic to the most dynamic.Thanks to the multiple options, it allows a remarkable personalizationsuch as different periods, discount handling during low season monthsand percentage taxation on the room amounts.You can also consult an updated and downloadable report in csv format.

48,00 €

activation cost

National Plug-Ins


This plugin allows you to handle the Italian Istat in detail, based on the Region/Provincie you live

State Police Portal

Allows you to automatically complete your in house guests´ document and upload it to the Italian Police portal. You would only need to enter your customers´ data during check in and from the plug in you can download the complete file ready to upload.

Spanish Viajero portal

Automatically synchronize your in house clients´ data base with the portal of the Spanish Police in the required format.

Colombian Sire

Generate and upload the guest required information on the Sire portal, the governamental institution

48,00 €

activation cost