Who Are We?

Information about Zak and Wubook

Who is WuBook

WuBook is an Italian company founded in 2008 by four young entrepreneurs with the idea of the market by making an honest, helpful and rewarding job. In 2008, as at present (2015), the business world was really frustrating, poor and uninspiring for our generation. WuBook was born from the need to find their own role in society with dignity. After only a few years we can say that we are among the best technology providers in the tourism industry in the world. Our booking engine and channel manager, developed over years of hard work are, today, the most advanced, affordable and democratic technologies available on the market. 4 years ago, we announced our first steps in the development of a PMS solution for hotels and bed & breakfast. Today, ZAK is a reality that grows each day with strength from the solid foundations of WuBook philosophy and community. Welcome.

WuBook, Fano (PU), Marche, Italy
61032, via dell'abbazia 7/1