Too many reasons! Here, some of the most important feature of Zak

Characteristics and Functionality of Zak: the Hotel Management System

Customizable Planning

The planner in Zak collects all your reservations, including detailed price information, nº of customers, OTAs, special requests and more. Thanks to Zak´s colour customization tool(see it here) it is also easy to navigate through the busiest periods of the year, visually identifying reservations. And that's not all! Your planning can be customized in many ways: days shown, room order and more, so you decide which information every reservation should display.


ZAK guarantees the maximum level of security; both on the administration of sensitive documentation and in the way it deals with internal data. Zak allows you to activate different security levels to restrict access to its many functions (e.g: Accessing credit card details or deleting invoices) to guarantee Admin access to important tasks.


The starting price of Zak is 264€ per year for the basic service, which is already a complete version. However, you could add plug-ins to further customize and build Zak according to your specific needs. The Plug-ins available so far are: Alloggiati (Daily Clients Report -Italian Market only), House Keeping, and Extra, Meals. Each Plug-in has a one-time only activation cost of 48€.

Booking Engine & Channel Manager

Zak is naturally integrated into the WuBook Suite, including the Booking Engine (WuBook) and the Channel Manager (WooDoo). Integrating all three creates an automatic system able to: receive online reservations (whether from you own website or from OTAs), update availability accordingly and manage your reservations as needed. This integration can be easily set up from the Zak planner.


With Zak you can always be on top of your figures and track its behavior thanks to the advanced statistics tools that are fast, complete and upgraded continuously. With just a few clicks you will be able to monitor and analyze your revenue, sales, occupancy, the origin of your reservations and the income generated through each portal. The statistics in Zak are a very powerful and important tool to help you closely control your property´s global performance.

Client and Reservation Data Base

Zak creates a complete registration form of each client for future referral, which can be exported to Excel and used for marketing purposes or personalized messages. If someone who has stayed with you before comes back, Zak will also track his registration form from the database. Each registered client can thus be merged to all their respective reservations.

Manage Rooms

Zak can manage an unlimited number of rooms and helps you monitor literally everything that has been registered regardless of the information source . Zak allows you to update details and manage allocation; and every room can be personalized with tags, which is useful when it comes to quickly filtering rooms by specification and speeding up the process of inputing new reservations.

Continuous Development

With WuBook´s philosophy in mind, Zak is a state of the art technology in continuous development. Transparency and constant communication with our clients allow us to adapt Zak specifically to meet your needs. The News allow us to keep you informed in real time of any update and The Forum keeps us all, customers and developers alike, in direct contact.