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What is it?

ZaK is a management software for hotels, bed and breakfast, and other turistic facilities in general.It's available through web, from anywhere and it's ready for use; no installation is required.It is also natively connected to our online booking WuBook and the Channel Manager WooDoo, facilitating the marketing approach.

Who needs it?

ZaK is a technology for hoteliers and turistic facilities. If you are seeking a tool to manage your business and something to boost up your workflow, if you prefere simplicity and speed with the 1001 features of a tank, this is the right tool for you.

Preview of it's work
Why Zak?

WuBook: Booking on Line, Channel Manager, Gestionale

Manage your Hotel easly and fast with

Zak, an innovative software for

Hotel Management

Simple!Simple to use

Zak is so simple that it does not need anybody to be trained first.At the same time it's very flexible an valuable.How is that done? We simply use state or the art technology,aiming at simplifying or remove human work.Keeping up with evolution.

Fast!Fast to use

Zak is fast. It is designed to handle as quickly as possible all the tasks of a facility, from the insertion of reservationsto their changes, from billing to consulting the archive of customers.Just a few clicks are enough to do everything.

Innovative!Innovative Technology

Very innovative, folowing the WuBook tradition. Developed with high standard technologies. With a graphical interface inspired by smartphones, fast, speedy, simple! We did not take anything for granted and every improvement has been applied with passion.

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